Why Curb Appeal Matters When Selling Your Home

During spring your thoughts may be turning to home improvement projects that you can do to improve the functionality of your home and increase its value. Even if you’re not putting your home on the market, getting started now on a few easy projects will help you out in the long-run. One of the most overlooked renovations that a homeowner can do that increases the likelihood of selling your home is curb appeal. It’s likely that potential buyers will drive by your home first to decide if they want to take a look inside. Here are some tips to help you increase curb appeal.

1. Roof Maintenance

The condition of the roof is a big factor when homebuyers are deciding if a house is a good investment. The appearance of the roof sets a first impression for the condition of the whole house for many buyers. If you really want to increase curb appeal, then you need to take the time to address your roofs aesthetics and functionality. Shingles that are cracked, curling, or falling off are a sign that your roof needs some attention, whether it is repairs or replacement. Water or daylight coming into the attic are a sure sign that it is time for a new roof, which will work wonders for your curb appeal.

2. The Driveway

If you’ve had your driveway for a long time, you may not even realize the cracks or dings, at least not until your car drives over them. An old, cracked, driveway is a big turn-off for potential buyers and an eyesore on your property. Plus, it just makes your home look dated. To increase curb appeal, have a team come in and patch up those cracks. There’s little that looks better for a home than a fresh driveway of concrete or asphalt. Depending on how much you have to spend, an expert can give you their opinion on whether your driveway should contain asphalt or concrete. After all, not all driveways are created equal.

3. Pressure Wash

If all your home needs to increase curb appeal is a good washing, then a power wash will get the job done quickest. You may be surprised how your home or deck look after a simple power washing and scrub. Once all of that dirt, grease, debris, and other materials have been removed, you may actually see a deck and your home’s brick or siding look fresh again! In regards to decks, especially, making sure that the wood really shines and contains its natural color–and no chipped paint–is an excellent bonus for curb appeal. Power washing is a relatively inexpensive method to not just clean up the exterior of your home and those outdoor places of entertainment, but it makes your property look almost new. If you are not comfortable using a power washer, you can hire a professional power washing company for a reasonable price.

More Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

These are just a few of the many ways you can increase curb appeal when selling your home. Planting beautiful flowers and foliage and accenting your entryway with landscape lighting will also beautify the outside of your home. Not only will it help you attract the interest of buyers, but you may just also be the envy of your neighborhood.

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